Cyber cafe or Internet cafe it is place with the provision  of  internet access. The main service in an internet cafe is high speed internet and powerful computers.  Internet cafe is convenient for people which are in a business trip, tourists or people  which at home  computer does not work temporally or access to the internet is absents. Internet cafe can may need, if  computer with  output to the internet is quickly needed, for example to send or to get  letter. The internet cafe  "Terabit" is located in the center of the city to address: Odessa, Staroportofrankovskaya street, 103A. Our purpose is creation internet cafe with a comfortable atmosphere and maximally high-quality service. You can in a quiet atmosphere work on spaces of  internet with the cup of fragrant corn coffee, communicate with friends in social networks or play favourite computer games in our internet cafe. Our administrators, in case of need, will always help you. Our cyber cafe periodically conducts cybersport championships by different games for the lovers of computer games. We are monitors the actuality of our computers and set gaming news.  Our internet cafe works round-the-clock!


Работаем круглосуточно и без выходных!


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